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We're Committed, Certified & Dedicated


Working to end intimate partner violence since 1981.

Certified by Oklahoma's Office of the Attorney General.

Dedicated to honoring Fern L. Holland's human rights legacy. 


We've been working since 1981 to give victims a safe place to heal.

We opened our first shelter in Miami, Oklahoma in 1982. We've welcomed thousands of families with food, clothing, and supportive understanding. Today our 18-bed shelter is filled to capacity every day.

We opened satellite advocacy centers in Vinita and Jay in 1997. Today we have walk in advocacy centers in Vinita, Jay, Grove and Miami, Oklahoma. Trained advocates are prepared to help victims stay safe and access resources. 

In 2002 we started aggressive prevention, education, and outreach programs that reach the community at large.

Our victim services are free and available for all adult women and men.

If you need help, call us now at 800-400-0883. We're available 24/7. 


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