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Planning for the safety of self, children & pets

Studies show separating from battering may be the most dangerous time.

Other times danger is heightened in intimate partner relationships include:

  • Child visitation exchanges
  • Following service of protection order, divorce or custody documents
  • During court proceedings, DHS meetings or anytime you are scheduled to be at a specific location
  • During work hours, especially when working specific shifts
  • Anytime a batterer changes their demeanor 
  • Movement of a firearm
  • Escalating, detailed threats to harm you, your children, pets or the batterer 
  • The best safety plan is developed with an advocate who knows battering and safety. Call our 24-hour hotline at 800-400-0883 or walk into one of our 4 advocacy centers for help. Location of our centers in Jay, Grove, Vinita and Miami are noted on our web home page. Click on the heading above to download a Safety Planning Worksheet and begin your personal plan now.

  • Keep children safe during a violent or verbal altercation. Tell children what to do when violence erupts. Caution them to stay away from the violence, and identify a safe place for them to retreat to. Consider placing names and phone numbers of key individuals in a stuffed animal they can take to a neighbor when fleeing. Create a safe route for them to leave the house, if that is your plan. Clink on the heading above to view a child safety planning video.

  • Pets can be victims of abuse. Protect fury ones by isolating them in a safe room when violence occurs. Consider recruiting friends or neighbors to care for pets if you plan to leave home. Click on the heading above for details about pet safety plans.

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